Food & Wine

Jesolo’s cuisine celebrate of course the cooking tradition of a seaside town, which offers a large choice of fish , due to the presence of two rivers that surround the city, the sea and the valleys of the lagoon. You can choice between fresh water fish (eels, carps, pikes) and sea water fish (sole, gilt head, sea bass, shellfish and crustaceans) The Sea Festivals which take place in Cortellazzo, a fish village with its own small harbour , are a fusion of tradition – popular and seafaring, and the art of good food. 

The valleys of the lagoon are not only a corner of paradise for peace-seekers and nature lovers , who can enjoy lots of water birds (the mallards, teal, widgeon), but also a source for good food and the most original culinary dishes . Last but not least, the products of a country that can offer good variety of vegetables (among all the typical asparagus) and fruits (first of all the pear, key ingredient of the typical "Jesolana cake").