Political education program

The Msgr. Giovanni Marcato Cultural Association of Jesolo, in synergy with the Municipal Authority, is organizing a political education program for Jesolo residents who wish to exercise their "citizenship" in an informed, conscious and proactive manner.
The program, divided into several meetings, takes place at the Palladio Hall of Jesolo's Palaturismo at 8:30 p.m. The meetings are led by Prof. Giuseppe Ieraci, professor of Political Science at the University of Trieste, and Prof. Gaia Matilde Ripamonti, teacher of European Public Policy at the University of Udine.
Calendar of meetings:
Feb. 16 - Evolution of the 1948 constitution through institutional reforms - Prof G.Ieraci
Feb. 23 - Analysis of the party system and the electoral system - Prof G. Ieraci
March 01 - The role of regions in national decision-making - Prof G.M. Ripamonti
March 15 - Dialogue among political representatives
You are advised to register by visiting www.giovannimarcato.it.