"... Reading a book is an intellectual exercise, stimulating thought, questions, imagination." Noam Chomsky
To complete this year's events, we could not miss Il maggio dei libri (The May of Books), a national campaign that invites people to bring books and reading into contexts other than traditional ones, to intercept even those who do not read but might be intrigued by them.
The Jesolo Library adheres to this splendid initiative and proposes from 27 April to 27 May 2023 readings, workshops, and an exhibition!
Let's discover the programme together:
- Thursday 27 April at 8.45 pm - Civic Library
- The Little Masters
- Monographic reading by Zelda Teatro
- Free admission
- Wednesday 10 May - Civic Library
- at 4.15 p.m. I shift (0-3 years)
- at 5.15 p.m. II shift (4-6 years)
- Story time
- Readings by the volunteer readers Nati per Leggere
- Free participation
- Saturday 13th May from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm Biblioteca Civica
- Saturday 20th May at 10.30 a.m. - Civic Library
- DLIN, DLON, OOPS, VRUM! Warm up your voice, take a leap and fire up this book
- Meeting with the author Susi Danesin
- Free admission
- Tuesday 23 May from 10 to 12.30 Vivaldi Theatre
- Meeting at the end of the current year of the project for the promotion of reading "LETTORI D.O.C." (D.O.C. READERS)
- Activity reserved for schools
- From 23 May to 3 June - Biblioteca Civica - Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8.30-20; Saturday 8.30-18
- Opening on Tuesday 23 May at 5 p.m.
- Saints, witches and sirens: The worlds of the illustrator Michelangelo Rossato
- Free entrance
- Saturday 27 May from 3-6 p.m. Biblioteca Civica
- Expressive reading workshop organised by actor, director and speaker Tito Pavan.
- Registration required.